ISONAS IP Access Control - Summary Of Interfaces

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ISONAS IP Access Control Summary of Interfaces:

ISONAS provides and supports multiple interfaces that can be used to integrate ISONAS hardware and systems with other products and environments. Here is a brief overview of those interfaces and how they can be used. 

1) ISONAS TCP/IP Interface (TCP/IP) – The TCP/IP interface is the easiest and most flexible interface available. Use this interface if you want to utilize the standard ISONAS Crystal Matrix software suite to configure and control the access control system and in addition want to have other programs monitoring and controlling the ISONAS reader-controllers. This interface has been used by systems such as VMS systems, college student enrollment systems, and human resource systems. These other programs communicate with the ISONAS software using plain text TCP/IP messages. 

2) AD-Bridge – The Crystal AD-Bridge supports automatically synchronizing user data between the customer network’s Microsoft Active Directory and the Crystal Matrix software suite. 3) Modbus/TCP – The interface allows you to leverage COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) hardware to control and monitor general-purpose inputs and outputs. Inputs such as extra door sensors and roof hatches. Outputs such as elevator controls, or external lights. 

4) ISONAS Proximity SDK – Use this if you want to write programs that directly drive and manage ISONAS reader-controllers and will not be using the ISONAS standard Crystal Matrix administration and monitoring programs. ISONAS requires that you sign a nondisclosure document in order to receive the documentation of this interface. 

This SDK handles device orders/responses (hexadecimal byte data streams sent to and received from the ISONAS reader-controllers). These can be sent/received directly to the PowerNet reader-controllers. They can be sent from any hardware/software environment that is capable of handling standard TCP/IP socket communications. 

5) ISONAS ASCII Interface (IsoASCII). This interface provides an ASCII file input mechanism that can be used to configure and program the ISONAS system. To use the interface, you simply write data to an ASCII file. The interface picks up the data from the file and uses it to configure and program the ISONAS system. 

6) Logging and SNMP Interface – this interface provides the ability to report all events that occur within the access control system using any or all of three reporting mechanisms: 

a. Generate a standard SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) trap event 

b. Log the event to an ASCII text file 

c. Invoke execution of a specified program 

7) ODBC – the internal database that ISONAS has used for the access control system is a very compact, high performance and reliable product from SoftVelocity corporation. It is a full function relational database and has an ODBC compliant interface. 

8) Destination Dispatch – Directly interface to the ThyssenKrupp Destination Dispatch advanced elevator control system.  

As always, please contact ISONAS at 303.567.6516 or for additional information or to discuss your project or integration requirements.